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Practice Areas

Based on our professional practice we may oer counseling in the following areas:


-Establishment of companies, incorporation of branches and creation of non-prot entities, mainly condominium properties.

-Handling and response of legal consultations relating to the operation of any type of company.

-Management of meetings of Direction and Administration Bodies, representation of partners and shareholders, participation in Boards of Directors and preparation of forms.

-Response to requirements from the Superintendence of Companies, Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Superintendence of Surveillance and Private Security and any other control entity.

-Review and counseling in private and public bids.

-Negotiation, drafting, review and implementation of all types of civil and

commercial contracts.

-Forwarding of update bulletins. Due diligences.

-Legal counseling in spin o, mergers and companies transformation proceedings.

The last two corporate services should not be understood to be included in the permanent counseling provided to our clients, as these will always besubject to special fee arrangements.


-Addressing and solving tax consultations. This counseling relates to all types of taxes and duties at the national and local level.

-Detection of possible tax contingencies that may be faced by the company.

-Forwarding of updated tax bulletins. Tax planning intended to provide an ecient management of the national

and local taxes.

-Handling of proceedings before the Tax Administration (DIAN), Territorial Finance Departments or any other national or local entity and tax reimbursements and osets.

-The last two tax services should not be understood to be included in the regular counseling provided to our clients, as these will always be subject to special fee arrangements.


-Labor counseling in general and solutions of inquiries related to individual labor matters.

-Termination of employment relationships either by means of settlement agreements or by holding conciliations before the Ministry of Social Protection.

-Representation in connection with labor matter before Healthcare Provider Entities (E.P.S.) pension funds, ICBF, SENA and government entities.

-Litigations. Prosecution of these proceedings should not be understood to be included in the permanent counseling provided to our clients, as thesewill always be subject to special fee arrangements.


Our firm has made counseling of real state, one of our strengths, which has further positioned our rm for the excellent service provided in this area.

Our services include:

-Attending meetings of real state owners.

-Drafting and amending regulations of real state.

-Counseling in general.


-Handling of consultations regarding the performance of any type of exchange operation, including imports and exports.

-It does not include counseling on customs or reviewing tax headings.

-Review of monthly reports in connection with clearance accounts.

-Counseling in regard to foreign investment in Colombia and Colombian investment abroad.

-Management of records and updates before the CentralBank.

-Addressing and response of requirements made by the Superintendence of Companies and Tax Administration in connection with possible infringements of the foreign exchange regime.



-Drafting of claims.

-Out  of Court Negotiations.

-Handling of ordinary and collection proceedings of small claims.

Collection of overdue bills. No litigation (whether in court, out of court, or court of arbitration, or with third parties or the State) shall be understood as

included within the regular counseling provided to our clients, since thesewill always be subject to special fee arrangements.

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Santa Barbara Headquarters
Address: Avenida 19 No. 120 - 71 Office. 210
Building Torre Banco Falabella
Tel: (57-1) 356 21 21 Ext. 107

Headquarters Bella Suiza
Avenue Cra 9 No. 127 C - 60 Office 311
Building Suisse Center
Bogotá D.C - Colombia
Tel: (57-1) 694 6974 - 6946915

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